Help in Exports At Ardent Sales,

We understand the complexities involved in exporting products to Mexico, which is why we provide professional and timely advice in:

  • Understanding the NAFTA guidelines
  • Filling customs documentation
  • Location of customs documentation
  • Location of customs agents
  • Commitment of products that cross the border without delay
  • Requirements for tax exemption
  • Obtaining certificates of origin
  • Knowledge of norms and regulations of product labeling
  • Letters of credit and terms of payment
  • Secure external receipts

Product’s Release

Once your product arrives in Mexico, we will not abandon it, with an intelligent and adequate management of the language, culture and business environment in Mexico, we will help you so that your operations in Mexico work properly, and your product is duly introduced.


 Our services include:

  • Help in customer operations
  • Help in sales aimed at the construction industry in Mexico
  • Market analysis: How to quote your product in Mexico, Direct Competition, SWOT Analysis
  • Promotional materials and market for the Mexican market
  • Accounts receipts and collections assistance
  • Online Marketing Campaigns
  • Display at the point of sale
  • Positioning of the product

Seminars and Trainings

One of the main functions of the advisors of Ardent Sales is to impart seminars and professional training on a constant basis for the welfare of the products we represent in Mexico.