Connecting US manufacturers with importing Mexicans

With extensive experience in the construction industry, we select the best American manufacturers in the industry to meet the most demanding needs of the Mexican market, as well as their specific construction projects such as plumbing, irrigation, industries, swimming pools, golf and spas. 

IFUSE sistema de Riego del Pacifico

Introduction of American manufacturers in the Mexican market

The founder and owner of Ardent Sales, Lucy Hernandez has more than ten years of experience in the Mexican construction market. As Regional Sales Director of Latin America for a leading producer of solvent cement, Lucy dominates territories that compete with Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. This experience favors Lucy with an easy relationship and identification of the main members of the industry, the main tool and resource of American manufacturers to be successful in the Mexican market. Whether you are a US product trying to enter the dynamic Mexican market, or a major importer looking for the right product for your projects in Mexico, contact Ardent Sales, only we can guarantee the success of your business, the union of cultures and well-being common.

Value added

Ardent Sales offers seminars and professional training entirely in Spanish on chemical welding and HDPE connections for the most promising contractors and builders in Mexico. These seminars and trainings are aimed at a range of the industrial sector, including construction, plumbing, irrigation, industries, swimming pools, golf and spas. Ardent Sales also offers consultancies for companies seeking training for their installation team, and we travel to construction sites for the analysis and solution of specific problems. Beyond the manufacturing resources, Ardent Sales offers knowledge and experience to understand the needs, objectives and challenges of the main importers and their construction projects … More than products, we provide integral solutions.

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