About Ardent Sales

Ardent Sales was founded in 2005, with the objective of specifying, promoting and commercializing products of American manufacturers in the Mexican market.


We have sold products from US manufacturers to Mexico for 12 years for the construction sector.

Personalized Service

We have commercial representatives with the best disposition to assist you and advise you for the correct selection of the products you need.

Quality Training

Our advisors give seminars and professional training in a constant way for the successful implementation of the products we represent.

Experience, Personalized Service and Quality Training

We seek to make effective and efficient representation of American companies and products with the main Mexican importers of the construction line.

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What does Ardent Sales offer?

Its large portfolios range from a support or solvent cement for pipes, to a positive air pressure attenuator for multiple floor builders.


We offer a wide range of services designed to support the strategic alliance between US manufacturers of construction products and importers from Mexico.

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We have a support or cement solution for pipes, up to an air pressure attenuator for buildings of multiple floors.

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Seminars and Trainings

One of the main functions of our advisors is to impart seminars and professional training on a constant basis for the welfare of the products we represent in México.

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